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Immigration has played a vital role in the emergence of the United States as a world leader. Immigrants continue to be one of the foundations of this country. Our firm is committed to helping immigrants and their families to succeed in their goal of living the American dream.

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What Is the Difference Between an Immigrant Petition and a Non-immigrant Petition?

A noncitizen can enter the United States with either an immigrant or a nonimmigrant status, depending on their situation. An immigrant petition is a part of obtaining an immigrant visa, such as when a U.S. Citizen initiates a petition to bring their foreign-born parents to the USA as lawful permanent residents.

A nonimmigrant petition is a part of applying for a nonimmigrant visa, such as a tourist visa. A nonimmigrant can remain in the country for a definite period and may have certain restrictions on the type of activities they may engage in – for example, an individual with a tourist visa may not work, study or conduct business while visiting the USA.

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What Will Happen at My First Consultation With an Immigration Lawyer?

Many worry about what to expect during their first consultation with an immigration lawyer, especially when their immigration status is not regularized. The first thing to know is that an immigration lawyer is on your side, and any information you share cannot be shared with anyone else, thanks to the attorney-client privilege.

Second, the interview lets you understand how the attorney plans to approach your case, possible costs, and whether you and your attorney would be a good fit to work together. Bring as much information and documents relevant to your case as possible. Use this time to ask many questions about your case and the attorney's experience handling similar cases. Our firm offers an initial consultation so you can get to know us and receive answers to your immigration questions.

Meet Your Attorneys

Attorney Segovia has worked in the immigration field since she graduated from college in 1998. She has worked tirelessly to help her immigrant clients and their families achieve permanency in the United States. Driven by the motto that “No Human Being is Illegal”, attorney Segovia is a compassionate and zealous advocate.

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Why Should I Hire an Immigration Lawyer for My Case?

Simply put, immigration law is no walk in the park. It is complex and full of details and exceptions. Even the most straightforward cases require many forms and supporting documents before you can submit it to the USCIS. This often proves to be more than any applicant is willing to handle.

An immigration lawyer has the legal knowledge and experience to point you in the right direction, help you understand what is required of you at every step, and even represent you in more complex situations, such as Immigration Court hearings. By working with an immigration attorney, you can feel less overwhelmed knowing you will be magnifying your chances of receiving a favorable decision from the USCIS.

Why Choose Us
  1. We are passionate about serving the immigrant community. Attorney Elsy Segovia is committed to helping the immigrant community reach the American dream by navigating the often complicated U.S. Immigration Law, seeking positive outcomes, streamlining the process, and keeping you informed at every step.
  2. We offer knowledgeable legal help with a caring touch. We know how nerve-wracking immigration issues can be and how hard it is to wait for months before getting a decision. We not only put our legal knowledge to work for you, but we also care and take the time to provide personalized services to every client.
  3. We have two decades of experience handling immigration cases. No matter how complicated or simple your immigration matter may be, chances are we have handled a similar case in the past and can apply everything we learned to increase your chances of success.
  4. Immigration law is all we do. Attorney Elsy Segovia has dedicated her entire career to advocating on behalf of immigrants. At the Law Office of Elsy Segovia, P.C., we only handle immigration cases, so you can rest assured your case is in good hands.
  5. We believe no human being is illegal. As an immigrant, Attorney Elsy Segovia has worked tirelessly to help clients and their families achieve permanency in the United States. Her firm is ready to fight for your rights as an immigrant as well.
  6. Your case is more than just another job for us. We are personally involved in making sure your case is won and the outcome you are seeking is secured. We will do whatever it takes to get you there – always with a personal, compassionate approach.

What Kind of Immigration Cases Are Handled by the Law Office of Elsy Segovia, P.C.?

At the Law Office of Elsy Segovia, P.C., our only focus is providing legal services and guidance for the immigrant community. Our office is based in New Jersey, but we have assisted immigrant families worldwide with various immigration matters. Here are some of the case types our office can help you with:

  • Immigration
  • Family Petitions
  • Naturalization
  • Citizenship
  • Juvenile Immigration
  • Humanitarian Visas
  • Deportation Defense
  • Asylum
  • Work Permits
  • Family Immigration
  • Fiance Visa

Even if you do not see your case type listed, we encourage you to contact our firm. We know how hard it is to deal with U.S. immigration laws, and we are prepared to assist you no matter how simple or complex your issue may be.

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What Makes the Law Office of Elsy Segovia, P.C. Different?

At the Law Office of Elsy Segovia, P.C., we only handle immigration cases. In addition, Attorney Elsy Segovia has personal experience as an immigrant – she was born in El Salvador and arrived in the United States as a child. If you are looking for an immigration law firm that will treat every client with personal attention, compassion, and dedication, you should look no further than the Law Office of Elsy Segovia, P.C.

Contact us at 973-313-5794 to discuss your case.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is a green card, and how do you obtain one?

A green card is an informal term for a permanent resident card – an identification document issued to noncitizens whose immigration status allows them to live and work in the United States as lawful permanent residents. Permanent resident cards can be obtained through many avenues, such as employment, adjustment of status, or marriage to a U.S. Citizen, for example.

How can I bring my spouse to live in the USA?

It all depends on your current immigration status (whether you are a U.S. Citizen, a lawful permanent resident, or have a different status) and whether you and your spouse are already married abroad or plan to come to the United States to get married here. For example, your foreign spouse may need to obtain a K-1 visa if you are not yet married or a K-3 visa if you are legally married in another country. An attorney can advise you on the best course of action for your situation.

Does a green card allow me to petition my parents to come to the USA?

If you are a green card holder (meaning you have a permanent resident card), you may petition for your spouse and unmarried children to come to the USA. Unfortunately, lawful permanent residents who are not U.S. Citizens may not petition for their parents, siblings, or married children. However, you should check if you are eligible to apply for citizenship. If you qualify and receive your naturalization certificate, you may petition for your parents to come to the United States. As always, consult an attorney about your specific situation.

What does it mean to be in removal proceedings, and what should I do?

If you are placed in removal proceedings, the government is taking steps to initiate your deportation and send you back to your country of origin. You may still have options if you have been notified that you are in removal proceedings. Contacting an immigration lawyer right away is essential, as time is of the essence. Your attorney may help you delay your deportation and prepare an argument to convince the Immigration Court that you should be allowed to stay in the country. While not every deportation case can be won, working with an immigration attorney can give you a fighting chance.

Does an undocumented immigrant have any options to regularize their status?

An undocumented immigrant is someone who entered the United States without being officially inspected and admitted by a CBP officer at a port of entry or, in some cases, has been admitted as a nonimmigrant and has not departed. While unlawful entry or presence can be an obstacle to obtaining lawful residency status, there are many options to regularize your situation – from seeking asylum to getting an adjustment of status. However, the process is not simple and requires the help of a skilled immigration attorney.

When can a green card holder apply to become a citizen?

Becoming a citizen is many immigrants' ultimate goal and the last step in their immigration journey. Green card holders may apply for naturalization after being lawfully present in the USA for three years (if their green card was obtained through marriage with a U.S. Citizen) or five years for all other categories. You must also be at least 18 years old and demonstrate that you have been a person of good moral character for the past five years. An immigration lawyer can help you determine if you are eligible for naturalization and assist you with the steps required to submit your application.

What is an RFE, and what should I do if I receive one?

If you have an ongoing case with the USCIS or a pending application, you may receive a letter in the mail called an RFE (Request For Evidence). An RFE is a notice that the USCIS may send when they determine that your application is missing information or when they need to ask you for additional supporting documents relevant to your case. It is important to act quickly after receiving an RFE to ensure your case continues progressing. In some cases, failing to submit the documentation requested by the USCIS may mean your application might be denied.

What should I do if I am told I must appear in immigration court?

You should take it seriously if you have received a document called NTA (Notice to Appear) or a Notice of Hearing in Removal Proceedings. The Immigration Court is the administrative court inside the Department of Justice that can decide whether you are allowed to remain in the country or should be placed in removal proceedings. Failure to appear at an Immigration Court hearing can seriously affect your case. If you are required to appear for an Immigration Court hearing, reach out to an immigration attorney immediately.